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Jewishwomenswills.org collects all known extant wills written for Jewish women until around 1600 CE. It is a collaborative project spearheaded by Rena Lauer, associate professor of history and religious studies at Oregon State University. See the About page for more on the project, or to get involved.

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From the will of Anastasu, widow of Solomon Astru: Crete, 1426

Recently Added Items

Dolce, wife of Jacob di Consiglio da Toscanella: Siena, 1462

Dolce made her will in her home in Siena, which also functioned as the bank run by her current (second) husband, Jacob di Consiglio da Toscanella. Her…

Sannola, daughter of the late Abramo, widow of Salomone di Matassia: Florence, 1454

This Latin will exists in two copies in the registers of one Christian notary in Florence, the notary Gualtieri di ser Lorenzo da…

Senna, daughter of the late Abramo, widow of Elia: Florence, 1440

Senna's will exists in two copies from the same notary, and is the oldest known surviving Jewish woman's will from fifteenth-century Florence.…