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The widow Perna testates while ill, and names her two daughters (Chyassona, widow of David de Ixe; and Fadalona, wife of Moxe de Pulvirecta) as her universal heirs.

Clearly a wealthy woman with many assets, Perna leaves many material objects to…

Consola is a businesswomen on her deathbed in her son Elia's house. She is co-owner of a taverna and a pescaria, and her will mostly deals with money she owes related to these businesses. Her will is recorded by either Leone (father) or Isach (son)…

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Wuhsha's Will from Goitein, A Jewish Business Woman 229-232.pdf
This is the will of the famed Jewish businesswoman known as "Wuhsha the Broker" (Wuhsha al-Dallala), whose given name was Karima. Although it is not dated, the informal document was written in the hand of the cantor and court clerk Hillel ben Eli,…
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