Reyna, widow of Juce Abenardut: Zaragoza, 1470

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Reyna, widow of Juce Abenardut: Zaragoza, 1470


Reyna, widow of Juce Abenardut


Reyna was married to the physician Juce Abenardut, and had three daughters with him. The Abenardut family was a famous medical family in Aragon. Juce had predeceased Reyna, and had named her his universal heir in his (undated) will.

In her own will, Reyna left 500 sueldos to her daughters, Duenya, Mira, and Bonadona, to be evenly divided among them, for the sake of her soul. She also left them each 10 sueldos to comply with Aragonese estate law.

She also left to her daughter Duenya the houses where the family lived, in recognition of her son-in-law (Duenya's husband Noha Chiniello) and "los servicios, honras e buenos merecimientos" he had shown his mother-in-law (Marín Padilla, "Ultimas voluntades," 504). Noha also received most of Reyna's library of books. We can imagine that these were the medical books that had belonged to her husband, the physician, and now went to Noha, also a doctor. Books of a certain worth, however, went to a grandson, Mosse Alazar.

The rest of her goods (examples of which are listed) were to be divided equally among her universal heirs, constituting her three daughters and a grandson, Vidal Chinillo. "Our Lord God" (nuestro senyor Dios) is named among her executors.

Reyna details a great deal of specific material culture in this will.


Zaragoza, Aragon, Spain


18 March 1470


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