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Rosa was from Maenza (in Lazio), but testated in Sermoneta (also in Lazio).

Among her bequests, she left funds for lamps in the synagogues of Marittima and Rome.

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Among her bequests, Suna left money to community leaders, and loaves of baked bread to the confraternity of the Jews for the sake of her soul.

Lachayna came from a wealthy family with business interests across the Mediterranean.

As was common in Sicilian wills in this period, Lachayna first declares that she wants to be buried in the Jewish cemetery of her city. She also left a measureā€¦

The widow Reina distributed 2,720 sous in her will. She gave 500 sous to marry off poor Jewish girls, and orders money to be invested to finance a Torah for the synagogue. She leaves money to family and friends, most notably 1000 sous to a femaleā€¦
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