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Bullara, a widow, records her will when she is sick.

She names her grandson Sadiolus Sieli her universal heir. She leaves bed-related goods to her granddaughter Luna. She also leaves other female loved ones clothing and textile goods.


Disiata names as her universal heirs her brother Xibitello de Galiono and her nephew Busacca, the son of Siminto de Galiono (another brother). She leaves other bequests to her neice Rachila, her daughter Gaudiosa, and her sister Stella. She also…

Rosa was from Maenza (in Lazio), but testated in Sermoneta (also in Lazio).

Among her bequests, she left funds for lamps in the synagogues of Marittima and Rome.

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The will of Rachel is known from a responsa of the famed Sevillian rabbi Yom Tom Asevili, the Ritva. Rachel seems to have no children, but it is unclear if she is a widow or has never been married. In the will, she establishes a private pious…
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