Anastassia, wife of Judah Balbo: Crete, 1334

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Anastassia, wife of Judah Balbo: Crete, 1334


Anastassia, wife of Judah Balbo


Anastassia is the wife of Judah (Iecudha) Balbo, a spicer (speciarius) in Candia. She names as her executors her husband as well as her brother Sambatheus Balbo. It seems that she married a relative.

She testates while sick, and names her husband Iecudha and her brother Sambatheus as her executors. She makes it known that her dowry was 270 hyperpera, which she divides between her "dear son" Ysagia and her daughters, Tardina and Cigiona, equally.

She leaves to her husband the 100 hyperpera of her virginity money (which was "according to the customs of the Jews"). But if he remarries, that money should get divided among her children instead. Moreover, if he does remarry, all of the money that is left to the children should be given to them immediately upon coming of age. If he does not remarry, however, all of the money that goes to the children should remain in her husband's hands until his death, and only then should the money go to her children.

Another 50 hyperpera that was given to her by her husband should be given by her husband to poor Jewish women's dowries "pro anima mea." She adds a condition that tries to circumvent Judah should he not want to do this. 

Judah seems to owe Anastassia's mother Eudhochia a debt, and Anastassia adds a clause to her will that, if Judah engages with Eudhochia about this "in iudicio vel extra iudicium" then her mother should immediately be able to get 200 hyperpera from Anastassia's dowry.


Candia, Crete


24 June 1334


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ASV Notai di Candia, b. 295, fol. 6r (not Antonio Rudolfo)
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Eastern Mediterranean


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