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Ster's will suggests that she was very poor.


The widow Usellina was a member of the Ashkenazic community of northern Italy. Her will contains significant concern for her burial, including specifics on where she should be buried and instructions that a plaque that should be placed on her…

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Perna testates before a Hebrew notary in Rome. Her will focuses on her lack of assets -- she claims to be destitute. She lives in the house of her nephew Gabriele, who took care of all her needs. She explains that she is testating to protect Gabriele…

Anastassia is the wife of Judah (Iecudha) Balbo, a spicer (speciarius) in Candia. She names as her executors her husband as well as her brother Sambatheus Balbo. It seems that she married a relative. She testates while sick, and names her husband…
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