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TRANSCRIPTION: FF. In nomine domini amen. Notum sit et cetera annodomini Millesimo CCClxxxxviiii die vii mensis Novembris circa terciam. Notum sit et cetera quod cum nil sit certius morte quamvis eius hora sit dubia et inserta idcirco ego Sterella…

Among her bequests, Suna left money to community leaders, and loaves of baked bread to the confraternity of the Jews for the sake of her soul.

DETAILED DESCRIPTION FROM THE PRINCETON GENIZA PROJECT:Deathbed declaration, AD 1006. ORC 7/10/86 [P]. The document is a deathbed declaration, made by a woman whose name is not preserved. The upper part of the document is missing, but the…

Wuhsha's Will from Goitein, A Jewish Business Woman 229-232.pdf
This is the will of the famed Jewish businesswoman known as "Wuhsha the Broker" (Wuhsha al-Dallala), whose given name was Karima. Although it is not dated, the informal document was written in the hand of the cantor and court clerk Hillel ben Eli,…
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